Upgrade the playing experience for all your players. Works for ESX and QBCore

Unparalleled Features

A vast suite of applications for a comprehensive in-game experience.

Calling and Messaging Apps

Effortless in-game communication is just a tap away with D-Phone's calling and messaging apps. Stay connected with other players and coordinate actions on-the-go.

Integrated Garage App

Manage your vehicles remotely using the D-Phone. Start the engine, lock or unlock your vehicle, all from the palm of your in-game hand. It's like having a portable garage in your pocket.

Trucker App

Experience a level-based trucker/delivery system. Start with smaller jobs and as your experience grows, choose from a range of different trucks customizable in the config. Make deliveries and earn money at your own pace.

Twitter App

Stay connected with the virtual world on the go. With D-Phone's integrated Twitter app, you can tweet, reply, and stay updated with all the latest happenings within your FiveM community. Perfect for both in-game character updates and more meta server announcements.

Customizable Interface

D-Phone allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your phone, from notification settings to app management. Tailor your phone's look and feel to match your gaming style.

Open-source Code

With D-Phone's open-source HTML, CSS, and JS, the possibilities are endless. Change its design, add functionality, or tweak performance settings to your heart's content.

Compatible with all Voice Chats

Whether you're using MumbleVoip, SaltyChat, TokoVoip, PRAVoice or others, D-Phone works seamlessly with them all. Enjoy crystal-clear, uninterrupted voice chats during gameplay.

Constant Updates

tay ahead of the game with continual updates from our team. You'll always have access to the latest features and improvements for your D-Phone, delivered via our Discord server.
Experience D-Phone in Action

Get a closer look at how D-Phone can revolutionize your FiveM gaming experience.

Stay Updated with D-Phone's Changelogs

Follow our journey as we continuously enhance D-Phone's features, performance, and user experience.

Changelog Version 0.9
    Hey server owners, listen up! We've got some awesome news for you. Our latest update is coming soon, and it's going to make your FiveM (GTA Roleplay) server even cooler. Imagine having Instagram right in the game – that's just one of the things this update does. And guess what? We've made the Dispatch system better too, so your players can enjoy roleplaying without a hitch. But wait, there's more! Players can make their virtual phones look cool with icons they like. They can even change the phone's size to fit their style. And check this out – you can choose whether to disable web images, preventing any potential misuse and keeping things in control. But that's not all! Messages will look nicer, there's a cool Twitter badge thing, and a Homescreen that's like a real phone. So, whether you're a pro at running a server or thinking about it, get ready for an update that's all about more fun, more choices, and more excitement. It's time to get your server buzzing with all the cool stuff this update brings!
  • UI Notify
  • - Messages are now displayed with greater clarity and offer a direct app link for quicker access.
  • - Take control of your notifications – mute them to appear solely on the new Homescreen, streamlining your interactions.
  • Twitter Verification Badge
  • - Admins can now grant users a verification badge using the /verify tagname command, enhancing roleplaying credibility.
  • New Homescreen
  • - An intuitive Homescreen is introduced, designed for efficient notification management.
  • - When you start your phone, you'll be directed to the Homescreen, which requires unlocking for a more immersive and realistic experience.
  • GPS App
  • - You can now save positions and assign them names.
  • - Later, set waypoints to these saved positions for convenient navigation.
  • Business App Icons
  • - Customize your job-specific business app's icon to your preference.
  • Adjustable Phone Scale
  • - Tailor your phone's size according to your preference, ranging from 50% to 200%, for the perfect fit.
  • Customizable Icons
  • - Welcome the IconConfig feature, which enables personalization of your icons.
  • - Choose between classic Font Awesome icons or your own PNG/JPG images, giving your phone a unique appearance like never before.
  • Instagram
  • - Immerse yourself in a virtual Instagram world within the game!
  • - Experience real-like interactions, from browsing posts, liking, commenting, to exploring profiles.
  • - Get the full social media experience you know, with stories to be added in a future update.
  • Disable Webimages
  • - Introducing an option to turn off web images to prevent potential misuse.
  • - Customize your browsing experience to see only what you want, reducing distractions.
  • Share Images from Your Gallery
  • - Easily share cherished memories by selecting images from your gallery to send in chats.
  • - Share funny snapshots, breathtaking views, or memorable roleplaying moments with friends and fellow roleplayers effortlessly.
  • Dispatch Rework
  • - We've separated normal messages and service messages, enhancing clarity in your communications.
  • - Choose to initiate a dispatch anonymously or using your name, adding a layer of choice to your interactions.
  • - The Business app's Dispatch section now offers a fresh overview with three categories: "Accepted by Me," "Unaccepted," and "Accepted by Others," simplifying the management of RP strings.
  • -Your dispatches will now be retained even after server restarts, giving you the freedom to preserve your roleplay interactions beyond restarts.
  • Folder Rework
  • - Set your Framework in the Config.lua for a personalized setup.
  • - All lua files are now located in the lua folder, excluding configs and locales..
  • Config Rework
  • - Your configuration options have been restructured into multiple files, making upgrades to upcoming versions smoother and offering a more organized settings overview.
    Changelog Version 0.85
      We're excited to announce our latest update that includes a range of improvements and new features to enhance your experience. With the newly redesigned Twitter app, you'll have a seamless social media experience like never before. Plus, you can now customize your accent color to suit your personal style. We've also reworked our radio and advertisement apps, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience for you. Our revamped Contact app now consolidates both the contact and call functions onto one page, making it easier for you to stay connected. Plus, you can now access service contacts directly from the same page. We haven't forgotten about your banking needs either! Our Bank app has been reworked for an even better banking experience. And for our French-speaking customers, we've added French locales to make your experience more personalized. Lastly, we've added an Appstore for easy access to all your favorite apps in one place. Don't miss out on these exciting new features - update your d-phone now!
    • - Documentation
    • - Redesigned Twitter app ( See the video below )
    • - Customize Accent Color
    • - Reworked Radio App
    • - Reworked Advertisement App
    • - Reworked Contact App
    • - Appstore
    • - Bank App rework
    • - French locales
    • - Contact and Call App are now consolidated onto one page
    • - Service Contacts can now be accessed from the same page
      Changelog Version 0.8
      • - Completely new call system
      • - Major Performance Update
      • - IPhone 14 Model
      • - Some apps not working fix
      • - Does now the animation again when hiding the phone
      • - Businessapp bugfix
      • - Jobmail bugfix
      • - Snake delay fix
      • - Change Ringtone fix
      • - Set ringtone volume fix
        Changelog Version 0.76
        • - Mail App
        • - Job Themes
        • - App titles
        • - Snake app
        • - Darkchat app
        • - App notifications
        • - Redesigned settingsapp
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